Blossom Valley Demographics

The Blossom Valley area in San Jose is traditionally associated with San Jose Zip Code 95123 and 95136.

Some of the most notable neighborhoods of Blossom Valley in San Jose, CA, include in particular Carson, Deer Run, Parkview, Pinehurst, Playa Del Rey, Sakamoto, Shadow Crest, Trade Winds and Walnut Blossom. A complete list of all neighborhoods in Blossom Valley by Zip Code is available below.

Here is some useful information about some of these Blossom Valley neighborhoods:

Carson is the neighborhood located west of Parkview, bordered by Highway 87 and West Capitol Expwy. Carson is an area of 0.37 square miles with a population over 2,300. The majority of the real estate inventory consists in 3-4BR homes, built in the 1970s. Carson is home to Rachel Carson Elementary School, one of the top elementary schools located in Blossom Valley.

Deer Run is the area which spreads around Chynoweth Ave., East of Lean/Edenvale Ave. and which is bordered on the West side by Monterey Highway (82). It has an area of 0.24 square miles with a population estimated at 2,000. 3BR homes built in the 1970s account for the majority of the homes for sale in this Blossom Valley neighborhood. The area is conveniently close to Edenvale Park, the Hayes Mansion and the Phil Stern Stadium.

Parkview area is a densely populated neighborhood (pop. estimated around 6.5K) which borders from the north the vast open natural space in the middle of Blossom Valley. Parkview spreads mostly between Snell Ave., Capitol Expressway and Vistapark Drive. If you are looking for a larger than average home (4BR in particular, built in the 1970s), this should be your neighborhood of choice in Blossom Valley. Parkview Elementary School is located in this area as well as the Snell & Branham Plaza with its Safeway anchor store.

Pinehurst is the area located west of Highway 87, bordered by W. Capital Expwy, Pearl Ave. and Branham Ln. It has an area of 0.24 square miles and an estimated population of 1,400. Most of the houses in the Pinehurst area are 3 bedroom homes, built predominantly in the 1960s. Pinehurst is ideally located for families with kids attending Terrell Elementary School, close to the Pearl Ave. branch of the San Jose City Library.

Playa Del Rey is the most convenient area to access within minutes both San Jose Highways 85 and 87 and Oakridge Mall. It is bordered by Blossom Hill (South), Highway 85 (North) and Santa Teresa Boulevard (West). It is an area of 0.23 square miles with a population estimated at about 1,500. Most of the houses (3-4BR) located in this his area were built in the 1960s-1970s. One of the hallmarks of Playa Del Rey is the Mandarin Gourmet Restaurant, one of the finest Chinese restaurants in San Jose.

Sakamoto is a pleasant and popular neighborhood of Blossom Valley in San Jose Zip Code 95123. It is nestled against the Santa Teresa Hills and bordered West by Snell Avenue and East by Blossom Avenue. Sakamoto is an area of 0.4 square miles with an estimated population of 2,500. Median household income exceeds $100K. The majority of the houses in this area are 3-4 bedrooms, built in the 1970s. Sakamoto is famous in San Jose for the eponymous Elementary School. It is also conveniently close to the Santa Teresa Square Shopping Center (Nob Hill Foods in Santa Teresa), Santa Teresa High School and nearby Comanche Park.

Shadow Crest is probably the smallest neighborhood of Blossom Valley (less than 0.05 sq miles, population of 300) and is located right off the Blossom Hill Avenue Exit off Highway 85. Shadow Crest has a mixed selection of 1-4 BR built in the 1980s. Shadow Crest is ideal for shop-aholics as it is located across the Sunrise Plaza Shopping Center off Blossom Hill Road and within walking distance of Westfield Oakridge Mall.

Trade Winds is a well known neighborhood of Blossom Valley in San Jose Zip Code 95136. Trade Winds is the area located East of Snell Avenue above Blossom Hill Road. It is an area of 0.1 square mile with a population of 1,300. Most houses/condos located in this San Jose neighborhood are 1-2 BR (new developments) built in the late 1970s-1980s. Trade Winds is ideally located across one of the most active shopping areas along Blossom Hills Road (Walgreens, CVS, Michael's, Lucky's) and within walking distance of Oak Grove High School.

Walnut Blossom is the Blossom Valley area located North East of Lean avenue above Blossom Hill Road. It is a 0.1 square miles area with a population of 1,200 with many 1-2BR apartments and houses built in the 1980s. The area is directly located across Oak Grove High School and the Phil Sterns Stadium and within walking distance of George Miner Elementary School.

Blossom Valley Neighborhoods by Zip Code


Banana Grove, Cahalan, Canoas East, Canoas West, Comanche, Del Robles, Playa Del Rey, Sakamoto, Shadow Crest, Shawnee, Trade Winds, Walnut Blossom


Berry Park, Carson, Colony Green, Deer Run, Pinehurst, Parkview, The Woods, Vista Park


Source: US Census Bureau, City Data