About Blossom Valley in San Jose, CA

Looking to buy a house, a townhouse or a condo in the Blossom Valley area in San Jose, CA? Here are a few takeaways gathered from my experience as a Realtor in Blossom Valley over the past few years.

Blossom Valley is really made up of 2 distinct neighborhoods aligned with  the 2 San Jose Zip Codes : 95136, which boasts many modern homes and communities alongside large avenues and/or bordering unbuilt green open spaces, while 95123, nested in the Santa Teresa hills, offers a more traditional and serene environment.

Homes for Sale in Almaden Valley in San Jose CA

Blossom Valley is clearly one of the most conveniently located and accessible neighborhoods of San Jose with many entry points to Highways #85 and #87 and close proximity to Highway #82 and #101 on the East side.

Blossom Valley residents are privileged as they have equal convenient access to parks and open nature as well as shopping. To put it simply, when living in Blossom Valley; you are never far from a shopping plaza conveniently located at every major crossroads, e.g. Snell & Branham, Snell & Blossom Hill, Almaden & Branham, Capitol & Vista Park.

Blossom Valley is renowned in particular for its Athletic League which federates 24 San Jose public schools. The Phil Sterns Stadium, attached to Oak Grove High, Home of The Eagles, hosts many sporting events as well throughout the year.

Last but not least, Blossom Valley is truly one of the most affordable neighborhoods of San Jose with an average sale price under $400K. Blossom Valley real estate inventory is very diversified from traditional 3BR houses closer to the Santa Teresa hills to modern condos, bungalows and new developments at great prices.